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Anvil God's Rules

Official forum rules.

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1. Respect all users above all.
Respect everyone. This is Anvilgod's rule number one. Do not insult or offend any person or group of people. If someone insults you, please do not insult back as you may be punished, too. Report the content instead and consider adding the user to your ignored users list.

2. Spam is not allowed.
Any unrelated content posted on a thread will be considered spam. Please try to add as much content as possible to your post, specially if you are posting in a discussion thread rather than in a chat thread.
● 2.1 Do not advertise other websites or any product on AG. AG is not an advertisement website. Do not post or advertise about any other website, or use AG to advertise a product. Both contents will be deleted and user punished if needed.
● 2.2 When creating a thread, add discussion value to it. Threads with no discussion value will be locked. Threads with questions are not allowed, as we have a thread you can use to ask your questions (here and here).
● 2.3 Do not spam the report system or the liking system. Do not report any content needlessly and do not like any content needlessly as well. You may be punished for doing so. Note: AG is not Facebook! Do not like every post and thread you see. Use your like to things which are worth it.
● 2.4 Post in the language of your section. AG is an international site, meaning we have a board for most communities. If you are in our English section, please speak only in English. If you are in our Portuguese section, please speak only in Portuguese.
● 2.5 Flood and scroll are not allowed. Posting things repeatedly (flood) and breaking too many lines (scroll) is not allowed, threads and profiles alike. Such posts will be deleted.

3. Do not create posts or threads that already exist.
If you wish to add more things to your post or thread, please use the edit button under your post instead of posting it again. If you want to create a thread, please check whether it has already been created, so we can avoid double threads. We will moderate posts and threads of this sort.

4. Necrobump is allowed as long as you add value to your post.
Necrobump happens when someone posts in a "dead thread" (a thread which hasn't had any posts for a month). You may do so if you want. However, you must add some value to your post. If your post has no discussion value, the thread will be locked.

5. Your content must be appropriate.
Anvilgod follows PG-13 content limit. Which means every content must be appropriated to users younger than 13 years old. Any image, vocabulary, link, video or any kind of content not appropriate to this public is not allowed. Pornographic content, for instance, will be deleted and the user will be banned.
● 5.1 Flashy, fright, disgusting or gore images are not allowed. GIFs with flashes which may hurt the eyes are not allowed, as well as GIFs meant to scare people. Other than that, disgusting images will be deleted. No one wants to see disgusting things on a PG-13 website. The same goes to gore, violent images. Do not post this kind of content.

6. Do not use FanArt which were created by others.
Do not use Atelier801 related images (fanarts) created to other users. If something is not yours, do not use it at all. You may use official Atelier801 art, as long as it's not made to someone else.

7. Keep your signature at the right size.
Your signature must not be any bigger than 970 x 270.

8. Do not abuse the report system
Do not report other user's contents needlessly. We will check everything people report, so please be patient and don't fool around this button.

9. Backseat modding is not allowed
Basically, do not act like a staff member when you are not a staff member. Do not tell other people you are part of our staff when you are not. Do not attempt to moderate irregular contents. Other people might believe you are part of the staff, so let us handle staff-related business.

10. Do not attempt to outsmart the rules.
Last but not least, use common sense. Do not try to outsmart the rules, it won't work. If something is not right, we will step in.
Feb 3, 2017
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