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Applying for mod on anvilgod

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wolf21pilots, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Wolf21pilots

    Wolf21pilots Rookie

    hello figget friends, i am wolf21pilot but you can call me silkymice or gaynipple by my actual professional names. i want to work for this compony, i am very good at kissing ass just ask mootsoup i kiss her fat ass daily while making chilly dogs for my homeless son tailtong and his wife casey anothonu. I am very good at telling peple whar to do and i am good at punishing people i can run very fast too : ) yes hire me i am a great person to hire

    what you will benifit from hire me,
    fast speed racer
    professional ex bully persons
    good skills of pressing button
    i am a good little boy

    thanks it is offical i will be hired and i am so happy of this all come
  2. Cidboy

    Cidboy Newbie Mouse

    watch out u will get diseases from kissing mootsoup. we were friends then he gave me aids and when i confronted him about it he turned nasty and stole my life
  3. Wolf21pilots

    Wolf21pilots Rookie

    Mootsoup is a woman you degenerate
  4. Mootsoup

    Mootsoup Hard Mode Shaman

    someone might contract pedophilia disease from u if they kiss u
  5. Cidboy

    Cidboy Newbie Mouse

  6. Lileaus

    Lileaus Forum Expert