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Create a story, 10 words at a time

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Dboomwooty, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Dboomwooty

    Dboomwooty Professional Mouse

    Hello Mice and Micettes!

    The story so far (open)

    Day is feburary 16 2017. A hangover has insued across a city named Antipewdiepieotopia after the death of PewDiePie. A boy/man named Finn is going around, hungover, buying pets.

    I have a relatively simple game.
    The title explains it all, really.
    I start with 10 words of a story.
    The next player starts with another 10 words of the story.

    I only have 1 rule for this game. Stay on track of the story. If you want to introduce a character, say so in parentheses.

    It begins:

    On Febuary 16th of 2017 in the planet earth, there
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  2. Mapmakes

    Mapmakes Beretta 9mm

    was a heavy silence that swept the city. Perhaps it
  3. Hallucination

    Hallucination Forum Expert

    Was the death of the famous youtuber, pewdiepie. He died
  4. Dboomwooty

    Dboomwooty Professional Mouse

    the previous day. The city was named Antipewdiepieotopia, and hangovers
  5. Mapmakes

    Mapmakes Beretta 9mm

    were actually quite common there. After all, normally they'd be
  6. Dboomwooty

    Dboomwooty Professional Mouse

    drinking and whatnot. On the sidewalk, There was a boy
  7. Hallucination

    Hallucination Forum Expert

    Named Finn whom was holding a sign saying "R.I.P Pewds."
  8. Dboomwooty

    Dboomwooty Professional Mouse

    He was dragging himself back to his apartment to reunite
  9. Kygazi

    Kygazi Forum Expert

    The elegance of mighty bird and his strange pet parrot.
  10. Missiclinda

    Missiclinda Shaman

    And the majestic & handsome, doge the doggo are doing..
  11. Themousen

    Themousen Newbie Mouse

    some crazy hula-hoop under the rain, while the...
  12. Hallucination

    Hallucination Forum Expert

    Strange pet parrot keeps saying, "Whatcha doin', whatcha doin' bro?"
  13. Sociologiale

    Sociologiale Newbie Mouse

    And then Finn went to the store trying to buy..
  14. Obliviousss

    Obliviousss Newbie Mouse

    A weird looking little black dog with big blue eyes

    (Can't think of anything so uses too many words on the dog K)
  15. Novawolfi

    Novawolfi Professional Mouse

    and large wings that weigh the poor thing down.
  16. Savorymuffins

    Savorymuffins Newbie Mouse

    Unable to soar through the store, into town
  17. Itsmeloolita

    Itsmeloolita Newbie Mouse

    finn went, without the dog, because he didnt want a
  18. Savorymuffins

    Savorymuffins Newbie Mouse

    Dog at the time, so he decided to
  19. Alihamoud

    Alihamoud Newbie Mouse

    to go to his friends house, and drop him off
  20. Itsmeloolita

    Itsmeloolita Newbie Mouse

    because he didn't know it was in his car, so