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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Anomunus, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Anomunus

    Anomunus Shaman

    (credit: Pompomball, CFM)

    the premise is simple: copy-paste what's on your computer clipboard and post it to anvil god.

    "Tell us a story about what you pasted, if you want ^.^ "

    i'll start


    That's the original thread on CFM for everyone's reference.
  2. Caseyanthony

    Caseyanthony Shaman of the Anvil God

  3. Hallucination

    Hallucination Forum Expert

  4. Zajaci

    Zajaci Newbie Mouse

  5. Rattydinh

    Rattydinh Professional Mouse

    my cute pikachu map i made :u_u:
  6. Gatanjinha

    Gatanjinha Beretta 9mm

  7. Epicalmeow

    Epicalmeow Beretta 9mm

    mine is a quite rude copypasta so id rather not

    i would if there was a spoiler option idk
  8. Hallucination

    Hallucination Forum Expert

    There is a spoiler option. It's the button next to the "media" button. Put your cursor over it and it will say "insert". Click and click on spoiler.

    Back to game -

    ^useless petition as that specific map got remade for normal rotation maps!
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  9. Epicalmeow

    Epicalmeow Beretta 9mm

    Oh I didn't notice

    so yeah here's the copypasta, definitely don't open the spoiler if you don't want to be exposed to curses and stuff, not sure if this is against the rules soz mods anyway nevermind

    also i havent copypasted anything different thats weird

    the copypasta that i did probably 13+ but nobody follows rules if ur a rebel then click (open)
    Before you all fucking strike me down with some fucktarded popular cafer's dick, tell me: What level of fucktardness are you on to be WALKING your cat IN A MOTHERFUCKING HARNESS? If your cat has legs so fucked it can barely take a fucking shit outside so you have to let it ride in your fucking thong everywhere it goes you should get it fucking put down. And who then decides that this crippled pussy should be dragging its crippled fucking ass across A FUCKING MAIN ROAD? Hell no I'm not fucking stopping for you, you little fucktard. I don't care if you're fucking 9. Look after your fucking pets and don't shove their disabled furry fucking assholes on a road packed with fucking cars. Maybe this was their fucked up way of getting this fucked feline put down without paying for the fucking injection, laugh my fucking ass off.
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  10. Dboomwooty

    Dboomwooty Professional Mouse


    yep. just the letter U.
  11. Skull2knight

    Skull2knight Beretta 9mm

  12. Eceyiim

    Eceyiim Elisah's Devoted Devoted to Elisah (Lv: 3)

  13. Rubadanieddy

    Rubadanieddy Newbie Mouse

    Every night before bed, I make out with my Tigrounette body pillow. I love everything about him. From his filthy scrunched up French face, to his rat nest excuse for hair. I lay my Tig body pillow to the side, and doze off to sleep. I dream of him putting his baguette inside my freshly baked buns. I would fly all the way to France just to shake his hand. I would give up my entire life just to save his. Yesterday, I was busy doodling my one and only sepnai inside my notebook instead of paying attention to class. I just wished sepnai would notice me! Nontheless, my teacher told me to pay attention, and made me solve a problem in front of the class. I went up to the board and hesitantly picked up a fresh, white piece of chalk. My entire body was trembling as I swallowed hard and imagined having Tigrounette next to me. Tears swelled in my eyes and he filled my thoughts and I couldn't breathe, realizing i'm choking. I break down to my knees, my body feeling like a weight heavier than Jupiter. My teacher puts her hand on my shoulder asking me if i'm alright. I nod.I get back up and try to solve the problem, but my mind is still being hijacked by Tig. I draw him with no shirt on, his abs gleaming. I realize the entire class is watching! I scream and run off, but feel someone grab me by the wrist. It was Tigrounette.
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  14. Lamay

    Lamay Anvil God's Follower AnvilGod's Follower (Lv: 2)

    and... its my gym password
  15. Finebrosrock

    Finebrosrock Beretta 9mm

  16. Deathmince

    Deathmince Newbie Mouse


    I forgot what this was for
  17. Ork

    Ork Atelier801 ID: #9729 Rookie

  18. Hallucination

    Hallucination Forum Expert

  19. uh

    i don't even know
  20. Blossum

    Blossum Beretta 9mm

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