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Les Populaires

Discussion in 'Tribes' started by Kenjit, Feb 14, 2017.



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  1. Lolbandlol

    Lolbandlol Rookie

    it non other an boldband privililege of announcan an brand new PUPPER OF THE WEEK pls :3

    this an very very finest an boldest beautiful young pupper which of be most familiar a dearmauschums for it non other dat PJ premium pupper who been PUPPER OF THE WEEK before an who belongan non other out sweetestsouris chum dat @Smilerene pls <3333333

    hear it several photos an loveliestdogger out an about a favourite activities non other an WALK A PARK pls an of playan a many dogger a pupperchums ty :3


    of most congratulate an finestdogger PJ dat PUPPER OF THE WEEK YES \o/
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