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Les Populaires

Discussion in 'Tribes' started by Kenjit, Feb 14, 2017.



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  1. Lolbandlol

    Lolbandlol Forum Expert

    of wishan takan liberty of wish all dearmaus lovelychums an finerodents non other an MOST HAPPY an RELAXANEST a finest week yes <33333333

    of also an lobolandolol duty of announce it non other an brand new DOGGER OF THE WEEK pls \o/

    this an very fine an handsom playpaupper who kind owner constructed non other AN MAZE dat snow for it entertainment yes :3 it of initial suffer an bamboozle pls but of eventual it non other an FINDAN IT WAY an HAVAN AN FINEST TIME ty :3

    an most congratulate an MAZEDOGGER brand new DOGGER OF THE WEEK yes :3

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  2. Baeld

    Baeld Elisah's Devoted Devoted to Elisah (Lv: 1)

    This Dogger is verry talented! I want to get a dogger like that one.
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  3. Lolbandlol

    Lolbandlol Forum Expert

    yes as all goodmice an boldrodents aware today it non other an MONDAY which non other WORST DAY AN WEEK for it many day until glorious FRYDAY once more .____.

    however fortunately wisest maus elders aware this fact an decided today of declare brand new DOGGER OF THE WEEK \o/

    this here finedogger an most patience yes ;____; for it surrounded by non other dem PUPPERS all actan an most foolish ty of all wantan do an play a same time .__. however they fortunate it an kindestdogger they of wantan play with an it do an PATIENT an lettan them climb all over an of be nuisants yes :3

  4. Lolbandlol

    Lolbandlol Forum Expert

    ah yes as all goodmice an finerodents aware today non other an FRYDAY of official BEST DAY AN WEEK for it non other an lonkest relaxanest a weekend of come an additional it all maus authorised an very finest dinan of particular non other dem fish a chippes \o/ (◠‿◠✿) ヽ(^◇^*)/

    an of make it extra special finestfryday an lololbandol privilate of reveal it just been announced an brand new DOGGER OF THE WEEK (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    this here an most honourabru lovelydogger ;_; for it see it young puppersister an state a some dirstress tryan non other of navigat dem STARES an very fird time an most regretabru of repot it appear dem stares dun dat pupper an major bamboozle an considerable fear yes ;_____;

    fortune it dat DOGGER OF THE WEEK to an rescue yes an teach an young boldpupper an art of goan down dem stares an of not do an fall :3

    an most congratulate an kindtes new DOGGER OF THE WEEK ty \o/

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  5. Lolbandlol

    Lolbandlol Forum Expert

    yes an very finest an most toleratable MONDAY to all finerodents an goodmice pls :3 an lololaolabdndol delight of be in position of able offer an CHEER UPPE an monday worstday yes for it non other of just learned it an brand new DOGGER OF THE WEEK been reveal ヽ(^◇^*)/

    this non other an most ancient an honourabru fine DOGGER OF THE WEEK OF THE PAST pls an non other an utmost topicalle for as all right-thinkan greenmice aware it non other an WORLD CUPPE an it now appearan most likely dat glorious ENGERLUND gon win dat world cuppe again ty :3

    this hear bolddogger name non other of PICKLES yes an it of to an rescue an last time engerlund winnan world cuppe yes for some naughtymaus did it an STOLE .___. fortunate it non other dat PICKLES, an very finest bolddogger, of SAFE AN DAY an find dat world cuppe trophy an it greatest a releaf an gratefullest a nation yes \o/

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