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New Minimods

Discussion in 'Anvil God Announcements' started by Jujubitz, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Seepo

    Seepo Beretta 9mm

    I really think there should a separate thread for uh, "arguments" like this
    like, for people to express their complaints/feelings/whatever the fuck they have with the staff or this forum, as long as they're appropriate about it and now trying to just start shit

    I know I've said this before but come on please I don't want to keep seeing this in this thread, I just wanna see people wishing "good luck" to the applicants

    by the way good luck to the applicants :^)
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  2. Haruhitastic

    Haruhitastic Rookie

    This is the content that should have been posted the first time around. Thank you.

    Nobody's trying to "start shit" however, and offering critcism is not an "argument."
    This was like making a job posting and just saying "need cook" and not stating what experience is needed. Like what kind of cuisine would be served, or anything. What if a cook proficient in Italian food applied and the restaurant was Chinese? It wouldn't be helpful.

    If you want such a thread so bad and such posts annoy you, maybe don't visit this thread, or start the thread you seek? Needlessly posting "good luck" over and over could be seen as spam.
  3. Atinesta

    Atinesta Newbie Mouse A801 Moderator Map Crew

    I agree that more information should of been shared in the first post to avoid this problem, but the damage is done already. I'm sure the next time around they'll include the information/requirements to avoid confusion, but there was no need to address the problem in a way that could of been seen as vulgar by cursing repeatedly/excessively, while it could of been handled in a much more civil manner. Everyone is at fault here, but we can always live and learn.
  4. something tells me you might be fired for questioning your fellow staff members
  5. Jujubitz

    Jujubitz Hylian AG Admin AG Administrator

    It's 7 in the morning here so pardon me if this comes out messy: I already agreed with you guys, it would have been better if we already told everything in the first post. But yeah this could have been discussed in a more "civil" manner. And I think we should take Seepo's advice as well? I mean, I can just lock this thread and have another to serve as a debate about any new thing that comes around

    Now guys, I'm trying to avoid moderating your posts here so as to not stop the discussion flow, so please keep it down. If someone answers anyone rudely again I'm gonna have to start doing something.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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  6. good luck everybody
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  7. Anythin

    Anythin Newbie Mouse

    There was always the possibility to contact the OP with constructive criticism through a forum PM, if the criticism was actually intended to be constructive. But we all know this is not the case here. Protip for the new minimods: get rid of all the salt if you want to attract new people to the English community.
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  8. Coralbee

    Coralbee Beretta 9mm

    dear everyone
    may you all have a blessed, wonderful day filled with happiness and joy and smiles and rainbows yes
    and may you all receive everlasting peace and positivity devoid of any negativity and sadness thank u
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  9. you just want a higher chance of being accepted we are not falling for that
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  10. Coralbee

    Coralbee Beretta 9mm

    proof im not being halfassed!!
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  11. Anomunus

    Anomunus Shaman

    your profile pic shows ur full assed ;)
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  12. Coralbee

    Coralbee Beretta 9mm

    you make me feel good about myself anomunsus thank u lmaoaoa
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  13. @Lolbandlol do an apply yes :3
    u will do an best modo maus yes <3
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  14. Lolbandlol

    Lolbandlol Rookie

    pls an caseychum an kindest yes <333

    but unfortune dat boldband an goodmaus an are of could not into an mode no ;_;

    also i regret of repot many im maus pals a naughtymice yes :3 so they be always an trouble ._.
  15. Coralbee

    Coralbee Beretta 9mm

    please let lolband do all announcements from now on
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  16. i brloebe in you :3
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  17. Jujubitz

    Jujubitz Hylian AG Admin AG Administrator

    Hi, let's not go too offtopic as well, ty!
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  18. good luck everybody and lolbandlol

    I know what you did there
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  19. Atinesta

    Atinesta Newbie Mouse A801 Moderator Map Crew

    Good luck!
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  20. Coralbee

    Coralbee Beretta 9mm

    is there a date for when the new dudes are gonna be announced
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