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A801 Show Off Your Art!

Discussion in 'Artist's Corner' started by Faierey, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Faierey

    Faierey Retired Staff ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭

    [Moderator's note] Please, if you already have your own art thread and you post your art there, do not post it here again. It is unnecessary and in some cases it might be considered like-fishing. As the OP says, this thread is for people with NO art thread.
    Also, if you post here A LOT, consider making your own art thread because this thread is not made to be your personal art thread. Thanks!


    Hello and welcome to the Show Off Your Art thread!

    Are you bored? Would you like to draw? Lots of A801 users choose drawing as a fun hobby, and you should definitely try it out!

    If you're too shy to post an entire thread for your art or you feel that it is unnecessary to post a new thread for one picture, feel free to use this thread!
    If you have an A801 related picture you'd like to show to others, don't be worried and share it with us!

    Feel free to give feedback to our members' art and encourage them to draw even more, if you think they should. Constructive criticism is allowed if an artist asks for it.

    Don't forget to read the Show Off Your Art Subforum Rules:
    ~Keep your art PG-13 or lower,
    ~Do not insult artists because of their art skills, and
    ~Post only A801 related art in this thread.

    If you wish to create an off topic thread, just post one in this section- WITHOUT the A801 prefix. If you don't want to create a whole off topic art thread, post your single art here.

    Remember, this is not a request thread. It's only a thread to show off your artwork. For requests, visit the Art Request Thread or simply look for open request threads.

    Thank you for reading and have a lovely day. ^_^
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  2. Friendlily

    Friendlily Newbie Mouse

    [​IMG] (sorry for the big photo lol)
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  3. Show Spoiler

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  4. Vanillaoreoz

    Vanillaoreoz Newbie Mouse

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] i dont like the filter i used on the picture but im too lazy to get the original image without the filter
    sketch of some random mouse
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  5. dtmay (open)

    orca mouse (open)

    dtmay (open)
  6. how the fuc
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  7. ur better than me shut up
  8. Poomph

    Poomph Rookie

    Even though I've seen these already, I love this art so much!!! *-* orca one might be my favorite!!
  9. tysm poomph ;v;
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  10. Fangirls

    Fangirls Elisah's Devoted Devoted to Elisah (Lv: 1)

    i did doodles of some peoples mice on the cafe as a request :D
  11. fan im love ur art SO MUCH!! <3 <3 <3
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  12. Wingedmousie

    Wingedmousie Banned Account

    it me retarded cunt of a rat
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  13. Lil_karkat

    Lil_karkat Cheese Lover

    I don't have tfm art
  14. Bookslover

    Bookslover Beretta 9mm

    you did good (open)
  15. oh my god........
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  16. Fangirls

    Fangirls Elisah's Devoted Devoted to Elisah (Lv: 1)

    is that a bad "oh my god"? :confused:
  17. no its a oh my god as in I am speechless its o cute i love ur art
  18. Fangirls

    Fangirls Elisah's Devoted Devoted to Elisah (Lv: 1)

    thank you i love your art too <333
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  19. Milkybum

    Milkybum Newbie Mouse

    those look very nice
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  20. Nemohubbe

    Nemohubbe Elisah's Devoted Devoted to Elisah (Lv: 2)

    did these a while ago but why not

    Show Spoiler


    Show Spoiler

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