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Discussion in 'Anvil God Announcements' started by Cynnabun, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Lillyla

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    i hope youre not talking shit on faierey because ill give you a hard ass beating if you are
  2. Haruhitastic

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    faierey was mod on cfm before they swapped to anvilgod so its more than just "two months" ok
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  3. Chamelinct

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    Hey, hey, hey!

    Let's calm this. I've just talked with Juju about this and she's going to make clear the things as soon as possible, just wait. She and all admins have been busy lately, so I'd appreciate if you understand them, don't feel ignored.

    You should know it's not easy this situation. It's not just fire him and that's it, you must talk with the minimod, you must watch the different views, the real intentions and also make a discussion with all the admins (or even the whole team) in order to get a conclusion and make the best choice for the team.

    About the guy you say it's favoritism or that they're treated better, he/she was kicked after you (that's what they told me) so I don't see why you think that.
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  4. Jujubitz

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    Thank you, Chame.

    Both parts have already been messaged and we're dealing with the situation now. I'm truly sorry if it seems that the staff is not present. Not going to lie, part of it it's true - most of us are busy with real life things and only focusing on some changes we plan to make on this forum. But it's also just as Chame said: we need to take a careful look at this before making any decisions. There are opinions to "hear" and discussions to do. We do hope, however, to solve this situation as fast as possible.

    That being said, I need to delete some comments of this thread since this isn't the place to have this kind of debate.
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  5. Haruhitastic

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    no im sorry but is this a fucking joke
    "it's not just fire him and thats it." uh, he violated basic fucking privacy. yes, you just fire him and that's it. yall know damn well if this was reported on atelier801 the mod wouldve been canned immediately.
    are you guys so desperate for staff that youre going to potentially keep someone who invaded someone's privacy when there was no need to? he asked for the person's phone number to "discuss the warning more" even though he very easily couldve used the pm system. but he didnt, because he cant be reported via phone.

    it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see what's wrong with this picture.

    ???????????????????? what the fuck is this even about
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  6. Worshishire

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    i have NEVER heard of someone deliberating with staff about firing him. THIS ISN'T A PAID POSITION. you don't pay them for doing this they sat here KNEW ITS AGAINST POLICY TO ASK FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION and did it anyway. theres no other motive rather than oh im gonna belittle them OVER PHONE AS WELL. which isnt right.
    its obviously something hidden there it'd be different if they were actually friends but they are not. at all.
    you could simply find someone better and there are probably a couple people wanting the position but lets keep someone who blatantly, in a public thread, invaded privacy.
  7. Haruhitastic

    Haruhitastic Beretta 9mm

    tr isn't that busy and you guys have plenty of staff for it.
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  8. Worshishire

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  9. Jujubitz

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    I'm also sure that in a801 they would ask the mod who asked the phone number what was going on. And if they wouldn't, well, this is Anvil God and not Atelier801. We do not approve this kind of violation of privacy but first we need to know what exactly happened, so yes, it's actually pretty simple. Just not as you suggest.
  10. Haruhitastic

    Haruhitastic Beretta 9mm

    he literally admitted it in this thread why do you have to ask anything
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  11. Jujubitz

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    Because language barriers make it even more difficult to understand what we actually meant. He could be joking, he could be serious, he could even have not realized how serious asking for something like that is. We aren't completely familiar with the situation, that's why I'm waiting for a better explanation.
  12. Worshishire

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    If You Are Hired As A Fucking Moderator You Should Know Not To Ask Anything Related To That.
    also it was said in plain english "give me your phone number"

    yall just dont wanna get rid of your precious little mod hehehehehe :3
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  13. Haruhitastic

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    yeah my b i forgot how hard it is to understand "i asked for your phone number" sorry wont let it happen again
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  14. Worshishire

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    also id like to point out email and phone number in turkish are two completely different translations in any sense ( :
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  15. Jujubitz

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    Making obvious observations surely ain't hard, interpretating a text and context, however, it's something that we spend most of our time in school learning. It's so hard that some people don't even manage to learn it.
    Whether you guys want to keep discussing this maturely or not, I'm ending this debate here. All information we had to give regarding the situation was given, and I've already made it cristal clear that we intend to do something about it. I'm deleting every further post that continues with this.
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  16. Seepo

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    lol staff

    also why is this like not a locked thread
    I don't get it