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winged's good photography

Discussion in 'Artist's Corner' started by Wingedmousie, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Wingedmousie

    Wingedmousie Banned Account

    these are all real pictures, not drawing
    photography is art too
    these were all pictures taken by me, copyright wingedmousie.

    here is my first photo:

    a very rare and illegal picture of a baby mouse being pushed off the ledge and killed, taken in 2015. very tragic

    here is a female getting ready to kill a male shaman preying on her, taken 2017
    a mouse taking a diarrhea shit, circa 2016
    a disabled mouse thaanking god jesus for allowing him to get the cheese, circa 2013, time magazine's most powerful picture of the year award for 2013
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  2. Anomunus

    Anomunus Shaman

    this is the best art on this forum hands down
  3. Spinnando

    Spinnando Shaman

    More pls.
  4. Wingedmousie

    Wingedmousie Banned Account

  5. Epicsweaters

    Epicsweaters Forum Expert

    dabby where is the porn
  6. Wingedmousie

    Wingedmousie Banned Account

    not ready 2 get banned for another 2 weeks
  7. Caseyanthony

    Caseyanthony Shaman of the Anvil God

    can you draw a picture of a pooping mouse
  8. Wingedmousie

    Wingedmousie Banned Account

    an extremely disabled mouse thanking mouse jesus for allowing him to receive the cheese, circa 2013, featured on time magazine as most powerful photo of the year
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  9. Wingedmousie

    Wingedmousie Banned Account

    i do not draw, i take photos
  10. Wingedmousie

    Wingedmousie Banned Account

    i also just so happen to own a photo of a mouse shitting
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  11. Lillyla

    Lillyla Professional Mouse

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  12. Anomunus

    Anomunus Shaman

    these are really good photos i wish my photography skills were this good

    can you take a photo of me louging by the pool being sxy n stuff much appreciated thanks xoxo
  13. Wingedmousie

    Wingedmousie Banned Account

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  14. Caseyanthony

    Caseyanthony Shaman of the Anvil God

    draw coralbee's avatar
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  15. Anomunus

    Anomunus Shaman

    i nutted. Thank you so much
  16. Caseyanthony

    Caseyanthony Shaman of the Anvil God

    this is a christian forum
    stop your foul language
  17. Anomunus

    Anomunus Shaman

    no i mean this happened


    this is what happens when you nut rite my hand just slipped while holding them cuz the photo was so good.
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  18. Caseyanthony

    Caseyanthony Shaman of the Anvil God

    clean your nuts
  19. Mootsoup

    Mootsoup Hard Mode Shaman

    good shit op
  20. U_o

    U_o Forum Expert